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Why Donate?

Supporting Aviation Dreams

At the Central Oregon Ninety Nines, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive aviation community. Your donation plays a vital role in enabling aspiring aviators to soar to new heights and ensuring the continuity of our shared passion for flight.

Here's why your contribution matters:

 Fostering Aspirations: Your donation acts as a catalyst for dreams. By contributing, you provide essential resources for flight training, educational programs, and aviation experiences. This support allows individuals to pursue their passion for flight, creating a pathway for them to become skilled pilots and aviation professionals.

Strengthening the Community: By contributing, you help us create an environment where aviators come together to learn, grow, and thrive. Providing a platform where seasoned aviators share their expertise, inspiring newcomers and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their experience level, feels encouraged and supported in their aviation journey. Your generosity ensures the success of these community-building events, enhancing the aviation experience for all participants. It's not just about fostering individual skills; it's about nurturing a sense of belonging, where every aviator is valued, respected, and uplifted. Through your contribution, you actively participate in creating a close-knit community that celebrates the shared passion for flight, turning the skies into a welcoming space for all.


Preserving Aviation Heritage: Your support aids in preserving the legacy of aviation. By contributing, you enable us to honor aviation pioneers, celebrate historical achievements, and educate future generations. Through your generosity, we ensure that the contributions of those who shaped aviation are remembered, inspiring future aviators to pursue their dreams.


 Supporting Chapter Events: Your donation directly assists our chapter in organizing events related to aviation. From educational seminars to hands-on workshops, your support enables us to host engaging and informative events that benefit both our members and the wider community. By contributing, you actively participate in the success of these events, enriching the aviation knowledge of all involved.

 Providing Aviation Opportunities: Your contribution fuels our chapter, allowing us to provide a myriad of aviation opportunities. Whether it's scholarships, networking events, or access to resources, your support opens doors for individuals to explore their passion for aviation and turn their dreams into reality.

By donating to the Central Oregon Ninety Nines, you become an essential part of a community dedicated to supporting the dreams of aspiring aviators. Your generosity fuels our initiatives, ensuring that the spirit of flight continues to inspire and unite us all.

Join us in this transformative journey. Donate today and help us shape the future of aviation. Thank you for your support and for being a driving force behind the dreams of tomorrow's aviators.

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